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Girlguiding Essex West06th March 2022

There are a lot of Leaders and young members around the County deserving recognition for all that they offer to Guiding. Think about those in your Unit or District, who go the extra mile for either the girls in their own Unit or those around them – I am sure that you will be able to name at least one!
After the time of lockdown and restrictions, now is the time to reward those who kept Guiding Going.

Any member may make a nomination; however, the District or Division Commissioner must support it. Nomination forms can be found on the Essex West Website.
All nominations for awards must be made without the knowledge of the nominee or their family.

Please take the time to nominate these Leaders, they are often the ones who just ‘get on’ with running their unit week in week out, and unless we know who they are we can’t reward them!

There are also other awards available from County, Region and Nationally. These are detailed on the County website under ‘Members Support – Awards’. If you are not sure which award is suitable or relevant, please just get in touch.

The next committee meeting is on 23rd May, please give us a lot of nominations to keep us busy!

Sylvia Partridge
Awards Committee Chairman





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