Essex West County Standard







In choosing the symbolism of the Standard, we tried to depict unique aspects of Essex West. We used a stylised trefoil to represent all members of the Movement. The Guide County badge is a single seax — three of which are shown on the County Council arms.

The spire represents our Christian heritage and many famous historic churches in our County.

The fly is blue for our rivers — Thames, Lee, Stort and Roding, and green for the substantial area of Green Belt land. These are divided by a silver wavy band to represent major transport routes by air, rail and road.

Epping, Hatfield and Hainault Forests appear as a group of trees, agriculture is represented by the Saffron Crocus, Tilbury Fort refers to the defence of Essex against invasion. St Edward’s Ring to our Royal Connections, and the computer screen to industry and commerce.


Blazon (Description in Heraldic terminology)

At the Hoist


Quarterly one and four Azure a Guide trefoil, two and three Gules in fess a seax Argent pommel and hilt to the dexter Or.

Vert a church spire Argent.

The Motto Band


‘Be Prepared’ Or lettered Azure


The Fly




Per fess Azure and Vert

In fess a bar wavy Argent

In chief between a hurst of trees and a Saffron crocus proper and fimbriated Argent a tower of the last.

In base a computer keyboard and screen proper, fimbriated Argent and a gem ring set with jewel Gules fimbriated Argent

All surrounded by a border compony in the livery colours of Guiding Or and Azure.

Description of Heraldic terminology


Metal or cloth badges are available from County Office

Essex West County Standard – woven          £1.50

Essex West County Standard – metal           £2.85

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