Rosemary Jeffery – RomfordDivision Commissioners, Chair of Programme & Adventure

I joined Brownies at the age of 7, when I grow up and become sensible/mature/adult/ don’t enjoy Guiding then apparently I have to leave!

I remember my Brown Owl showing us her serge underskirts to keep warm and not being able to fly up to Guides as I had not gained enough badges so I made very sure that I did everything possible in Guides to get my Queens Guide – this included many wonderful camps and holidays (don’t tell Captain we climbed out of the dormitory window to go on a midnight walk!)

I went on my first overseas trip with Rangers to Our Chalet and caught a serious travel bug which I have to this day…..

I thought I was leaving Guiding when I married but found myself offering to help with badge testing and occasionally helping a new leader close to my new home – 40+ years I am still with the same unit!

I’ve held a variety of roles within Guiding Commissioner. Adviser, trainer and recently chairing P&A as well as being a Leader with Guides, Rangers and now Rainbows

Romford Division
Romford division is made up of around 400 girls and adult leaders divided into 4 districts and 34 units. We are situated in the south east of the County in the London Borough of Havering, an area of mixed housing and open countryside. We meet in a variety of venues and aim to offer the fun of Guiding to all girls of 5 to 18 with the support of our adult leaders and volunteers.
Our girls get to experience many of their firsts with us- white water rafting, a stay away from home in a tent or holiday house, the first time they lead a team or learn about being resilient and standing up for what they belief while trying new things and having a lot of fun.

Programme and Adventure
Members of the Programme and Adventure team get to be involved in many of the larger scale events that happen in the County. We aim to offer activities that may be impractical to arrange at a more local level whether it be a camping opportunity to girls in units where the leaders don’t yet have the necessary skills and experience to take responsibility or simply to encourage involvement with girls of other ages from across the county. Some events have become almost traditional with many of our girls going white water rafting or the older girls going off exploring London during STILE.

We always hope to run events using a task and finish strategy so Leaders help plan and run something that interests them but don’t feel obliged to do more than they want but this is only possible with lots of local help.

Why did I agree to take on the job- simple – feel privileged to be part of the P&A team- the joy of watching our young members having such fun across such a range of activities must be one of the best jobs in the whole of WAGGGS!

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