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Over the years, Friends of Chigwell have enabled many young people and their leaders to have the opportunity to participate in many activities at our beloved Chigwell Campsite and Activity Centre.  For this to occur, there was an army of people who used to organise and fundraise to give our groups this opportunity.  But it is a big but – these committed people are mature Oak Trees and want to hand on the baton to us the next generation (the acorns and saplings) to keep an eye on Chigwell and to help it grow for the next generation.  We all have a part to play, regardless of how small you think your role is.  As small as passing on via word of mouth that Chigwell is open!  This can spark the growth of our younger generations understanding and loving the outdoors in a safe environment.

Our goal is to get as many people as possible to be involved with Chigwell with guidance of the Warden and the Management Committee.  For this to happen we need you!  We stand on the shoulders of many great people who looked after and cared for Chigwell; Lilly, June, Norma, Carole and Pam Young, past LOB County Commissioners and even our present one, Annette.  As well as past and present wardens.  Yes, they did their bit so that many of us could benefit.  It is our turn.

Therefore, we have a google form for you to complete.  It asks about what you can do to help and whether you would wish to be part of “Friends of Chigwell.”   There is no payment at the moment, as this will need to be agreed with the committee.  What can you bring to the table to help Chigwell?

Please pass this form onto everyone you know – those in Guiding, as well as beyond.  Not forgetting Scouting, other Youth Organisations, Schools, Church Groups, Adult Groups, Community Groups, parents of present members and even parents of past members, you may even know of past users of the site.  Anyone who you know who would have an interest.  If we don’t use it, we will loose it!

In advance, thank you for taking the time to pass on this link.  And thank you for your involvement with Chigwell.



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